Listen up pilots, at 0600 hours two Vasudan Cruisers, designated the PVC Asp and the PVC Nile entered Sirius by way of the Alpha Centauri Jump Node. At this time they appear to be conducting recon operations, and probing our defences insystem. We believe this is merely an advanced force for a larger attack operation. Rather than wait for the Vasudans to finalize their plans of attack, we'll be taking the fight to them.

We will be deploying the GTC Fairfax, a Leviathan class Cruiser along with fighters from Alpha and Beta Wings to attack and destroy the recon force. The two Cruisers are defended by two flights of Anubis Fighters. Alpha Wing, flying Apollo Superiority Fighters will neutralise the escorts, while Beta flying Athena Strike Bombers will assist in both disarming and destroying the two Atens.

GTA Forces:
GTC Fairfax (Leviathan-class Cruiser) 260
Alpha Wing (4x Apollos w/ML-16 Lasers + Furies) 72
Beta Wing (4x Athenas w/ML-16 Lasers + Furies) 108
Force Total: 440

PVN Forces:
PVC Asp (Aten-class Cruiser) 180
PVC Nile (Aten-class Cruiser) 180
Cancer Wing (4x Anubis w/Lt Lasers + MX-50s) 60
Gemini Wing (4x Anubis w/Lt Lasers + MX-50s) 60
Force Total: 480

Setup and Victory Conditions:
  • The Vasudan player sets up first, with the two Atens being deployed within 5 hexes of the middle of the board. They are both facing the same direction and have a current speed of 3. The Anubis fighters are deployed within 4 hexes of either cruiser with independant facings and a current speed of 5.
  • On turn one, the GTA player will jump in within 6 hexes of any board edge, with all three units within 3 hexes of one another. Rules for jumping into combat may be used, though none of the GTA units may scatter off the board.
  • This is your basic 'shoot 'em up' scenario, with the victory being the last player with units on the board. Though there are some special rules which apply:
    • The GTC Fairfax will leave the battle area if it has less than 1/3rd of its primary structure remaining, if there are any enemy cruisers remaining the Fighters will also leave on the following turn. The Vasudans are under no such restrictions and will fight to the death (any gathered intel has already been relayed to other units).
    • Should both Atens be destroyed and there are still Anubises remaining, the Vasudan fighters will be allowed to ram until the end of the scenario. The vasudan fighters will not retreat from the field of battle.

Victory Conditions:
  • Major Terran Victory: Both Vasudan Cruisers are destroyed and the Fairfax has not lost any sections and can still move under its own power.
  • Minor Terran Victory: Both Vasudan Cruisers are destroyed but the Fairfax has lost one or more sections or is adrift.
  • Tactical Draw: At least one Vasudan Cruiser was destroyed but the Fairfax was forced to leave the field of engagement.
  • Minor Vasudan Victory: No Vasudan Cruisers are destroyed and the Fairfax was forced to leave the field of engagement.
  • Major Vasudan Victory: No Vasudan Cruisers were destroyed and the Fairfax was destroyed.

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