GVC Aten
Aten: (Egyptian Mythology) god of the sun, later king of all Egyptian gods.
Source: Freespace 2
Author: Volition Inc
      Though a potent cruiser during the Terran-Vasudan War, the Aten was plagued by weak turret armour making it a poor choice for sustained ship-to-ship engagements. When the Aten was due for retrofit with advanced weaponry, Vasudan command chose to relegate the Aten into the role of escort by equipping it with a pair of anti-fighter beams. This move has in fact given the Aten a new lease on life with a role it excels in, leaving the heavier Mentu to supercede it in the anti-ship role.

Ship Control Sheet: GVC-Aten_upg.pdf November 10/04