NTDn Hades
Hades: (Greek Mythology) the underworld, or domain of the dead.
Source: Fan Brew
Author: Mark "Ramius" Dwinnells
      Reborn from the ashes of the GTVI Rebellion, the second Hades Super Destroyer (now 'Dreadnought') was secretly under construction prior to the opening days of the NTF Rebellion. The ship improved upon the original, utilising new weapons technologies like anti-fighter beams as well as increased integration with Shivan technology. Prior to its completion, the GTVA discovered the project and dispatched a force to sieze control of the craft. Rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands, the NTF sent it on a one-way trip to the surface of Deneb IV.

Ship Control Sheet: NTDn-Hades August 15/05