GVD Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut: (Egyptian History) fourth female Pharoah; ruled in 1500s BCE.
Source: Freespace 2
Author: Volition Inc
      The Vasudan contractor Akheton designed the Hatshepsut to efficiently integrate the new beam cannon. The process of retrofitting the older Typhon-class warships yielded vessels prone to system failures and reactor overloads. Though a handful of modified Typhons remain in service, the Hatshepsut has taken over as the primary Vasudan destroyer. With 24 turrets, 5 beam cannons, and 2 fighterbays, destroyers such as GVD Psamtik of Deneb's 13th Battle Group serve at the vanguard of the modern Vasudan fleet.

Ship Control Sheet: GVD-Hatshepsut.pdf November 10/04