SJ Sathanas
Sathanas: (Biblical Myth) another name for Satan, Lucifer or the Devil.
Source: Freespace 2
Author: Volition Inc
      The Sathanas class Juggernaut is the greatest threat to the GTVA since the Lucifer. Unlike its predecessor however, the Sathanas is not a unique ship. Dozens of the vessel poured into the Capella system before the GTVA was able to destroy its jump nodes. Larger than even the GTVA Colossus, the Sathanas employs four Heavy Flux Cannons from its foreward arms, each of which can nearly destroy a GTVA capital ship in a single volley. The ship also carries dozens of fighter craft and mounts numerous lesser turrets.

Ship Control Sheet: SJ-Sathanas.pdf December 09/04