Clamshell Dropship
Faction: Invid
In Service Date: Unknown
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Regess's Forces: Not Available
Regent's Forces: Unlimited
Source: Robotech: Sentinels
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Clamshell Dropship was developed for the Regent's Forces as a general troop transport. Very similar in design to the Mollusk, the Clamshell is optimised for transporting ground troops such as Gurab Shock troopers rather than the lighter Iigaa Aerospace mecha. The Clamshell can also be used to transport Inorganics, or Invid in power armour. The greatest difference between the Clamshell and Mollusk is the abscence of a Fold Drive. Instead the Clamshells are deployed from the Regent's other ships, such as the Trilobite Command Frigates, which also house large artificial brains to co-ordinate the ground and space attacks of each individual Frigate. The Clamshell is not found within the Regess' forces as her stance towards planetary invasion is occupation, which would involve the deployment of troops from mobile hives rather than the Zentraedi-like dropships.
Ship Control Sheet: invid_clamshell_dropship.pdf December 15/04