Large Mobile Space Hive
Faction: Invid
In Service Date: 1454 (est)
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Regess's Forces: Unlimited
Regent's Forces: Limited 33%
Source: Mospeada
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Large Mobile Hive is a massive construct which dwarfs all but the largest vessels. Despite its massive size, the craft is relatively structurally fragile due to its hollow nature. As with all Invid hives, it replies on a strong force field to stop most incoming attacks. Only once this shield has been destroyed can the weak ship beneath be damaged. In what few space battles its seen, the Zentraedi have adapted tactics of concentrating on one side of the vessel to more easily breach its defenses. It has worked to some degree but has also constricted their tactical options. In either event, the potent combat and mecha abilities of the large hive have left Zentraedi fleets badly damaged and often times forced to retreat. The Large Hive acts as a central command and control hive, each is usually commanded by a sub-queen or king. When deployed on Earth, there was an average of one large hive per Invid Zone of control. These hives were dwarfed only by the massive Invid hive at Reflex point.
Ship Control Sheet: invid_large_hive.pdf December 15/04