Scorpion Troop Carrier
Faction: Invid
In Service Date: Unknown
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Regess's Forces: Not Available
Regent's Forces: Limited 33%
Source: Sentinels
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      Expeditionary Force personnel often associated the Invid with an insect species due to both their society, and a vague resemblance in their mecha. Some pilots on the other hand, didn't see any relation at all, until of course they came up against a Scorpion Gunship. Found only in the Regent's Forces, the small Scorpion is a well-armoured troop delivery ship. Though not capable of transporting the larger mecha such as the Gurab, the Scorpion can insert teams of Enforcers or Inorganics in hostile environment. With a variety of laser and particle weaponry, it also poses a threat to allied ships. The true effectiveness of the Scorpion was never revealed until it made contact with an allied ship, breached its hull and deposited its troops directly onto the vessel. Most ships assault by Inorganics were soon taken out of action, or were crippled as soldiers in armoured Cyclones participated in pitched battles with the lifeless invaders.
Ship Control Sheet: invid_scorpion_troop.pdf December 16/04