Gurab Shock Trooper
Faction: Invid
In Service Date: 2023
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Regess's Forces: Uncommon
Regent's Forces: Uncommon
Source: Mospeada
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Gurab is the primary ground assault mecha of the Invid forces. Ill-suited for space combat because of its slow speed, it is perfect for long pursuits through the rugged terrain of Invid-occupied worlds. The Gurab has much more firepower than its smaller cousin with a pair of plasma cannons over each shoulder. It is also piloted by a more-developed stage 2 Invid pilot. Never the less, the Shock Trooper still remains a mecha requiring large numbers to be effective. It is rather small, and poorly armoured for its size. The mecha has also appeared without the plasma cannons, this unit known simply as the Gurab Trooper, must rely on its powerful claws to effect damage. Most often however it is used as a general labourer in Invid hives or other areas of activity.
Ship Control Sheet: invid_gurab_shock_trooper.pdf December 16/04