Orbital Space Hive
Faction: Invid
In Service Date: 2040
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Regess's Forces: Unlimited
Regent's Forces: Unlimited
Source: Fan Material
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Third Invid War

Unit Description:
      Developed early on in the second Invid occupation of Earth, the Space Hives were meant to serve as a strong, planet-wide defense against liberation attempts by REF fleets. The Invid could also co-ordinate ground operations from these sites, with little fear of retribution in return. The Space Hives are a mix of the methodologies of the Regess and Regent. Using the basic hive structure, it has been further reinforced with additional materials and very strong shields. Rather than relying upon the plasma drives for attack capabilities, the Space Hives have six large weapon spikes protruding from the main structure, each of which mounts a powerful anti-ship cannon. The Space hive also holds a fair number of combat mecha, including many of the newer designs, to deal with the threat of allied fighters.
Ship Control Sheet: invid_space_hive.pdf December 15/04