Armoured Valkyrie Veritech Fighter
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 2010
Out of Service: 2020
Availability: Uncommon Variant
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      Early on in the conflict against the Zentraedi, the SDF-1 found itself looking for new ways to survive the constant attacks. Commanders were impressed overall with the firepower of their complement of Destroids, however the units were tactically limited and were only able to provide help on the defensive. The Armoured Valkyrie was an attempt to bring the firepower of the Destroids to the fight with the enemy. It involved attaching armour and missile pods to a Valkyrie in Battloid form. The Armoured Valkyrie had decent thrust, and a lot of short range firepower. However the armour plates had to be ejected in order for the Valkyrie to transform, which effectively reduced the craft to a standard Valkyrie. The design was fairly succesful, but the through away nature of the armour plates made it less than efficient. The concept did lead in part to the later development of the Super Valkyrie, and more directly to the lesser known Jotun Valkyrie.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_armoured_valkyrie.pdf December 14/04