Jotun Valkyrie Veritech Fighter
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 2011
Out of Service: 2014
Availability: Rare Variant
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      A little known variant, the Jotun was a versatile upgrade to the Valkyrie developed during the closing stages of the First Robotech War. The aim was to bring the heavy battloid concept of the Armoured Valkyrie along with the boosted speed and transformability of the Super Valkyrie. The Jotun incorporated additional missiles and speed, and carried a heavy shield which enhanced its armour in the foreward arc. The most striking change was the addition of a PBC-11 Beam Cannon, functionally identical to the model found on the Excalibur Destroid. Though a promising design, few variants were produced beyond the initial prototypes, and all of the prototypes were either destroyed during the holocaust or during Khyron's assault on the SDF-1. The development of the VF-4 and the Strike Valkyrie effectively killed the Jotun variant, and the rare design was almost forgotten entirely overnight. Only old combat footage led historians to its existance.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_jotun_valkyrie.pdf December 14/04