Mac II Monster Artillery Robot
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 2009
Out of Service: 2020
Availability: Unlimited
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Mac II Monster was developed as an artillery support unit. Military analysts believed that any alien invasion would involve the construction of forward bases on Earth or other planetary bodies, and that these units will be critical in breaching their heavy defenses. As with many other theories, these beliefs were soon proven wrong in 2009 and the Monster became an anti-mecha and anti-ship unit to supplement the SDF-1s own firepower. Its four massive cannons could cause considerable damage to enemy ships, which was further supplemented with heavy missile launchers in the mecha's arms. The Monster was a relatively rare unit, with only a few garrisoned on the SDF-1 or on Luna, and the remainder of the Destroids being decimated on Earth without firing a shot during the holocaust. The Monster remained in service in post-war Earth, with some falling into the hands of malcontent Zentraedi. The design was finally decomissioned in 2020 as new REF destroids were introduced.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_monster_destroid.pdf December 14/04