SDF-2 Odyssey
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 2014
Destroyed: 2014
Availability: Unique Ship
Source: Robotech
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      When the alien derelict crashed on Earth it not only provided the human race with a ship to refit and rebuild for their own uses, it also provided a wealth of technological information which led to an entirely new area of weaponry and warfare. This knowledge eventually culminated in the planning and construction of an entirely new Super Dimensional Fortress, the SDF-2 Odyssey. Laid down in 2005, the Odyssey was still being built in the Lunar Yards when the Zentraedi arrived. Luckily, the alien fleet was so concentrated on capturing the SDF-1 that the Lunar yards and much of the Earth (until the holocaust) was left unnoticed. One feature built into the SDF 1 + 2 was the ability to merge with the Armour Platforms for increased firepower. The Macross attempted to link up with two of the ARMD during the initial attack, but the smaller vessels were easily overwhelmed and destroyed by the superior alien forces. Because of their inadequacy, several ARMDs still in construction were instead permanently attached to the SDF-2. The ship wouldn't be launched until the rebuilding period, in 2014, when it was soon destroyed in Earth orbit by a surprise Zentraedi attack.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_sdf2_odyssey.pdf December 13/04