Stargoose Personnel Shuttle
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 1998
Out of Service: 2018
Availability: Unlimited
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      An internation design developed before the arrival of the alien derelict, the Stargoose was in its time a top-of-the-line space craft. The fact that it was used post-arrival is a testament to its lasting value, though certainly some advances were applied to the existing designs and later builds. The shuttle can be retrofitted to carry a small amount of cargo, but it is primarily a personnel transport, providing space for nearly twenty passengers. In case of combat, each passenger can be protected by an personal, armoured lifepod which will sustain them for about twelve hours. The Stargoose remained in service post-war, but was retired shortly thereafter in favour of newer, robotech-based designs.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_stargoose_shuttle.pdf December 14/04