Quilrella Szur Gunship
Faction: Zentraedi
In Service Date: 1945
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Availability: Unlimited
Source: Macross: DYRL
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Quilrella Szur Gunship is a light attack craft designed to supplement the firepower of the Zentraedi Fleets. Equipped with a high-powered, short range beam beam weapon, the small ship has the firepower of a anti-ship cannon on a lighter and more manoeuvrable frame. A small secondary turret provides some level of anti-fighter protection, though a blind spot in the port-aft quadrant enables enemy fighters to attack it with impunity. As a consequence, the Gunships must often be escorted by other craft, usually Aerospace fighters, as it makes its attack runs. The Gunship is a relatively recent addition to the Zentraedi Army, and as a consequence no warships are designed to mount them as standard. However, any ship can replace Dropships or Theatre Scouts with the Quirella Szur. The most common configuration is Salan Heavy Cruisers equipped with Aerospace fighters and Gunships. Very few Gunships were seen in Sol space, as their role was contrary to the objective of capturing the SDF-1.
Ship Control Sheet: zentraedi_quilrella_szur_gunship.pdf December 13/04