Rineunadou Lojmeuean Monitor
Faction: Zentraedi
In Service Date: 1590
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Availability: Limited
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Rineunadou Lojmeuean Monitor is one of the deadliest Zentreadi ships, despite its small size. The source of its power lies in Makral Yver 174 Reflex Cannon which occupies a good portion of its total length. This massive weapon can decimate several enemy vessels in a single volley. The Reflex Cannons are found most often in the Border Patrol Fleets, ships under the direct command of the Tirolians. The monitor is the most widespread deployment of a weapon of this power within the Zentraedi Clone Army. The Reflex Cannon is considered by the Galactic community to be a weapon of mass destruction. Because of the potential political fallout following its use, the Monitor, as its name suggests is generally kept on the defensive in Tirolian systems where the Robotech Masters can keep a much better reign on the ships and prevent its potential un-authorised use. The majority of the monitors were found in Dolza's fleet, and thus were destroyed during the holocaust, though a few still remain with the rogue Zentraedi fleets.
Ship Control Sheet: zentraedi_rineunadou_monitor.pdf December 13/04