Glaug Officer's Battlepod
Faction: Zentraedi
In Service Date: 1843
Out of Service: Not Applicable
Availability: Special
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The Glaug is a rare Battlepod among the Zentraedi which is reserved for high ranking battlefield officers or combat aces. Glaugs are deployed individual and never within a group, though they stick close to their troops which are typically in standard Battlepods or sometimes Power Armour. Compared to the standard Regult, the Glaug is a far superior craft with additional structure and armour to protect its pilot. The main addition is a slow-firing but long-ranged Tszikatro 05 particle cannon which has the potential to destroy enemy units in a single blast. The craft can also be equipped with several short-range missiles identical to those found on Meltrandi Power Armour, though in such small numbers they are seldom more than a deterrent. As with the Regult, the Glaug is designed for ground combat in mind and is thus not as effective in space combat.
      Special Availability: Glaugs are limited to one unit per every four full flights of Regults, Gnerls or Power Armour.
Ship Control Sheet: zentraedi_glaug_battlepod.pdf December 13/04