Welcome to my new webpage for the Freespace 2 conversions, as you may have noticed the page layout is virtually identical to that of my FS 1 conversions. As such, I thought I'd mention a few things incase you missed them the first time (or if you are a first time visitor):

  • Firstly this page is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels (the setting which my computer is currently on). In the event that your monitor has a lower resolution, some of the pages may not be displayed as intended. Foremost among these problems will be the ship descriptions pages, which all include a rather large image file of the subject ship. For any inconvience, I do apologise. However my primary objective in these ship-description pages was not specifically to provide fluff on the ship, but rather to give those unfamiliar with Freespace a greater connection with the ship through the hi-res image (which are found on "http://www.descent-freespace.com"). As a consequence, as I begin to change the other parts of the Knossos webpage to this new format, the Freespace 2 section may present a similar problem. But the Robotech page should not, due to the lack of quality hi-res images. I hope this will not be a problem for many, as I am under the impression that my computer is subpar by todays standards, hopefully most people will have sufficient resolution to view the pages correctly.
  • Secondly, this webpage uses some custom fonts and you the viewer will require them to experience the page as designed. The main font is Trebuchet MS, which I believe is a standard Microsoft image and should come with most versions of windows. The second font is from Freespace, BankGothic Md BT and may be downloaded by clicking on the link.
At the moment, I have finished all of the ships for Freespace 2, along with a few new ships/reskins from some released campaigns. Unlike Freespace 1, there are quite a few finished and upcoming campaigns which include new ships and technologies. Over time, it is my goal to convert a few of these over to the Babylon 5 Wars rule system. One which has already been requested, are the ships from the Inferno MOD. These are the ships most likely to be worked on next, or at least one faction of them. They will either be added directly onto this page or onto a section of their own, I know some people are not fond of long html files but it keeps thing simple instead of people having to go to this link or another.

If you have any ideas for ships, have your own take on something I've done or want to see some specific ship(s) converted to Babylon 5 Wars, feel free to contact me from the main page. Also feel free to offer any feedback, positive or negative, on any of your impressions or experience with these conversions.

Thank-you for Visiting!