Thirty-Two years have passed since the great war.

The Shivans vanished half a lifetime ago, and now we live in the mausoleum of history. We inherit the legacy of ghosts who haunt these ruins.

The elders call us the lost generation.

I remember stories of a glorious civilisation, of cities with spires that reached the sun, of a blue planet with vast seas, of people with myths of humanity everlasting, of children who saw in the embers of dying stars the destiny of their race, and they hurled themselves into the void of space with no fear. They say our people have no present, only a past filled with horror and a future they can only dream of.

Now we forge a new alliance to guard the tomb of space, and to find within its cold expanse the salvation of our race.

-Admiral Aken Bosch

Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (Terran Forces)
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Ares Fighter / Strategic Assault 2367 HvyFtr PDF
Erinyes Fighter / Heavy Assault 2365 HvyFtr PDF
Hercules Upgrade Fighter / Heavy Assault 2351 HvyFtr PDF
Hercules Mark 2 Fighter / Heavy Assault 2356 HvyFtr PDF
Loki Upgrade Fighter / Recon 2352 MedFtr PDF
Myrmidon Fighter / Superiority 2350 MedFtr PDF
Pegasus Fighter / Advanced Recon 2367 LtFtr PDF
Perseus Fighter / Advanced Interceptor 2362 MedFtr PDF
Ulysses Upgrade Fighter / Superiority 2351 LtFtr PDF
Artemis Bomber / Advanced Strike 2364 MedFtr PDF
Boanerges Bomber / Anti-Capital 2361 HvyFtr PDF
Medusa Upgrade Bomber / Anti-Cruiser 2351 HvyFtr PDF
Ursa Upgrade Bomber / Anti-Capital 2352 SupHvyFtr PDF
Zeus Upgrade Bomber / Strike 2353 MedFtr PDF
Fenris Upgrade Strike Cruiser 2357 HCV PDF
Leviathan Upgrade Heavy Cruiser 2358 HCV PDF
Aeolus Escort Cruiser 2361 Capital PDF
Deimos Corvette 2360 Capital PDF
Saphah Frigate 2372 Capital PDF
Hecate Destroyer 2363 Capital PDF
Orion Upgrade Destroyer 2357 Capital PDF
Phoenix Dreadnought Unknown Capital PDF
Colossus Alliance Flagship 2367 Enormous PDF
Charybdis AWACS 2362 HCV PDF
Arcadia Installation 2317 Cap Base PDF
Ganymede Drydock 2344 Enorm Base PDF
Mjolnir Remote Beam Cannon 2363 OSAT PDF
Poseidon Upgrade Freighter / Military 2358 Medium PDF
Triton Freighter / Military 2350 Medium PDF
Faustus Upgrade Civilian Research Vessel 2362 Medium PDF
Hippocrates Medical Cruiser 2364 Capital PDF
Vidar Explorer / Military 2352 Capital PDF
Zephyrus Gas Miner 2349 HCV PDF
Argo Transport 2359 HCV PDF
Elysium Upgrade Transport 2355 SupHvyFtr PDF
Hygeia Fighter-Support Ship 2350 HvyFtr PDF

Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (Vasudan Forces)
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Horus Upgrade Fighter / Interceptor 2352 LtFtr PDF
Ptah Fighter / Advanced Recon 2365 MedFtr PDF
Serapis Fighter / Advanced Interceptor 2361 MedFtr PDF
Seth Upgrade Fighter / Heavy Assault 2354 HvyFtr PDF
Tauret Fighter / Heavy Assault 2358 HvyFtr PDF
Thoth Upgrade Fighter / Superiority 2354 LtFtr PDF
Bakha Bomber / Anti-Ship 2354 HvyFtr PDF
Osiris Upgrade Bomber / Reserve Anti-Ship 2353 SupHvyFtr PDF
Sekhmet Bomber / Anti-Ship 2360 SupHvyFtr PDF
Aten Upgrade Escort Cruiser 2357 HCV PDF
Mentu Heavy Cruiser 2362 Capital PDF
Sobek Corvette 2355 Capital PDF
Hatshepsut Destroyer 2360 Capital PDF
Typhon Upgrade Destroyer 2356 Capital PDF
Setekh AWACS 2365 HCV PDF
Bes Freighter / Military 2347 Medium PDF
Ma'at Upgrade Freighter / Military 2358 Medium PDF
Satis Upgrade Freighter / Military 2326 Medium PDF
Anuket Gas Miner 2349 Medium PDF
Isis Upgrade Transport 2356 SupHvyFtr PDF
Nephthys Fighter-Support Ship 2352 HvyFtr PDF

The Shivans
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Aeshma Fighter / Heavy Assault Unknown HvyFtr PDF
Astaroth Fighter / Interceptor Unknown MedFtr PDF
Basilisk Fighter / Heavy Assault Unknown HvyFtr PDF
Dragon Fighter / Interceptor Unknown LtFtr PDF
Manticore Fighter / Superiority Unknown MedFtr PDF
Mara Fighter / Superiority Unknown MedFtr PDF
Nahema Bomber / Strike Unknown HvyFtr PDF
Nephilim Bomber / Anti-Capital Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF
Seraphim Bomber / Anti-Capital Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF
Taurvi Bomber / Heavy Strike Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF
Cain Upgrade Strike Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Lilith Upgrade Heavy Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Rakshasa Attack Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Tulzscha Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Moloch Corvette Unknown Capital PDF
Demon Upgrade Destroyer Unknown Capital PDF
Ravana Destroyer Unknown Capital PDF
Sathanas Juggernaut Unknown Enormous PDF
Asmodeus Freighter / Military Unknown Medium PDF
Dis Freighter / Military Unknown Medium PDF
Mephisto Freighter / Military Unknown Medium PDF
Rahu Gas Miner Unknown HCV PDF
CommNode Communications Node Unknown Med Base PDF
Azrael Transport Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF

Neo Terran Front
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Europa Corvette 2365 Capital PDF
Iceni Frigate / Flagship 2367 Capital PDF
Uhuru Destroyer 2359 Capital PDF
Liberty Heavy Destroyer 2367 Capital PDF
Hades Dreadnought Unknown Capital PDF
Hinton Research Vessel / Military Upgrade 2364 Medium PDF

SCS Compilations
Species Last Update Zip File
Terrans December 11/04 ~5.2 MB
Vasudans December 11/04 ~5.6 MB
Shivans December 11/04 ~3.3 MB
Neo Terran Front December 11/04 ~0.8 MB