Armoured Missile Escort Ship
Faction: RDF
In Service Date: 2007
Out of Service: 2023
Availability: Unlimited
Source: Macross
SCS Author: Paul Brown
Additional Info: Reference Guide

Unit Description:
      The lightest ship in the Robotech defense force, the AMES were the escorts for the fleet, providing both missile and particle cannon fire to cover the larger ships and the massed fighter attacks. The Europa Destroyer, as it was later known, is actually an effective ship given its early technology base. However like the rest of the RDF fleet the AMES was completely outnumbered and outgunned. Even its Zentraedi equivelant, the Tou Redir Frigate, outmassed and outgunned the Europa considerably. What ships there were in orbit during the initial Zentraedi assault were decimated. Several more survived long enough to be destroyed during the massive attack by Supreme Commander Dolza's fleet. Several of the destroyers led the counter-attack that avenged the loss of the SDF-2 in Earth orbit. After providing continual defense over both Earth and Luna, the class was decomissioned along with the ARMD in 2023, each of which was being replaced by the new ships of the ASC naval arm.
Ship Control Sheet: rdf_europa_dd.pdf December 13/04