Welcome to my page for Robotech and Macross Conversions, as you can see it has seen a bit of an overhaul since its early days. I've brought it into the new format, similar to what I put on the Freespace webpages. One major difference is the unit description page, which on average tends to use smaller images, though some people with poorer resolutions may still have problems. Hopefully these people will be in the minority.

My conversions for the most part are based on Robotech. For those that don't know, Robotech is an american adaption of three completely seperate Japanese animation series. A guy named Carl Macek re-wrote the dialogue to link them all together into what is now known as the First, Second and Third Generations, based upon the japanese series Super Dimension Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalary: Southern Cross and Genesis Climber: Mospeada respectively. There is also a short-lived american animation spinoff called Robotech 2: Sentinels. First I hope to do the material from all three of these series, which basically entails the forces of the Robotech Defense Force, Army of the Southern Cross, Robotech Expeditionary Force, The Zentraedi, Robotech Masters and finally the Invid. Three of those six are already basically completed.

In addition, there is also quite a few spinoffs from the original japanese Series, Macross. This includes a movie version called Macross: Do You Remember Love, a second movie Macross: Lovers Again which was horrible, a third mini-series/movies called Macross Plus. As well as other TV-series, including Macross 7, Macross Zero, etcetera. I eventually hope to do units from all of these sources, which basically entails: additional forces for the Terrans, a seperate female clone army called the Meltrandi, mind-controlled Zentraedi, the Marduk, the Varauta (who I've never actually seen in video), and maybe one or two others I'm forgetting.

Basically that's a hell of a lot of units. One other thing I would like to do is to actually amalgamate them all into one story-line, along with some additional fan-brewed stuff on the web. This will likely involve some re-writing of the various stories, which will be put into the timeline section. It may also make some existing unit descriptions obsolete, but if there are any inconsistencies, refer to the timeline. Many of the unit descriptions are probably inconsistent in themselves as I tried to make them historical, past-tense but many of them switch to contemporary, present-tense information. This may also involve some re-adjusting of the some units weaponry, so that there's a more logical progression. Base units like the Valkyrie, Regult and so forth are unlikely to change as I like 'em the way they are.

Anyway, above all have fun playing with these units and feel free to offer any feedback, whether it be flaming my designs or asking for something you'd like to see. For now, there's one tidbit I should mention:

  • This webpage uses a seldom-used font, called Robotech Complete. You can download it here in true type format: Robotech Complete Font