There are few of us left. We know we will soon be gone.
And so we can see our fate as others will see it.

There will be little legacy.
No great expressions of what we once were.
Our technology, our achievements, if ever they are seen again, will spawn none of the awe that filled our conquests.

We know our fate.
We are being eliminated.
When we traveled subspace, the cosmic destroyers took note.
When we conquered and colonized in galaxies where we had no place, the destruction and the anguish and the loss were the clarion call of our doom.

And so the Destroyers came for us.

-recovered from ruins on Altair

Galactic Terran Alliance
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Apollo Fighter / Superiority 2322 MedFtr PDF
Hercules Fighter / Assault 2335 HvyFtr PDF
Loki Fighter / Recon 2336 MedFtr PDF
Ulysses Fighter / Advanced Superiority 2335 LtFtr PDF
Valkyrie Fighter / Interceptor 2328 LtFtr PDF
Athena Bomber / Strike 2330 MedFtr PDF
Medusa Bomber / Anti-Cruiser 2333 HvyFtr PDF
Ursa Bomber / Anti-Capital 2335 SupHvyFtr PDF
Zeus Bomber / Advanced Strike 2336 MedFtr PDF
Fenris Strike Cruiser 2310 HCV PDF
Leviathan Heavy Cruiser 2322 HCV PDF
Orion Destroyer 2314 Capital PDF
Hades Super Destroyer 2336 Capital PDF
Arcadia Installation 2317 Cap Base PDF
Chronos Freighter / Civilian 2315 HCV PDF
Poseidon Freighter / Military 2321 Medium PDF
Faustus Civilian Research Vessel 2315 Medium PDF
Elysium Transport 2324 SupHvyFtr PDF
Centaur Fighter-Support Ship 2318 HvyFtr PDF

Parliamentary Vasudan Navy
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Anubis Fighter / General Purpose 2326 LtFtr PDF
Horus Fighter / Interceptor 2329 LtFtr PDF
Seth Fighter / Heavy Assault 2322 HvyFtr PDF
Thoth Fighter / Advanced Superiority 2335 LtFtr PDF
Amun Bomber / Anti-Ship 2325 SupHvyFtr PDF
Osiris Bomber / Advanced Anti-Ship 2332 SupHvyFtr PDF
Aten Cruiser 2316 HCV PDF
Typhon Destroyer 2333 Capital PDF
Bast Freighter / Civilian 2312 Medium PDF
Ma'at Freighter / Military 2320 Medium PDF
Satis Freighter / Military 2326 Medium PDF
Isis Transport 2325 SupHvyFtr PDF
Scarab Fighter-Support Ship 2322 HvyFtr PDF

The Shivans
Name Designation ISD Class SCS
Basilisk Fighter / Heavy Assault Unknown HvyFtr PDF
Dragon Fighter / Interceptor Unknown LtFtr PDF
Manticore Fighter / Superiority Unknown MedFtr PDF
Scorpion Fighter / Recon-General Purpose Unknown MedFtr PDF
Nephilim Bomber / Anti-Capital Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF
Seraphim Bomber / Anti-Capital Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF
Shaitan Bomber / Anti-Cruiser Unknown HvyFtr PDF
Cain Strike Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Lilith Heavy Cruiser Unknown HCV PDF
Demon Destroyer Unknown Capital PDF
Lucifer Super Destroyer Unknown Capital PDF
Asmodeus Freighter / Military Unknown Medium PDF
Mephisto Freighter / Military Unknown Medium PDF
Azrael Transport Unknown SupHvyFtr PDF

SCS Compilations
Species Last Update Zip File
Terrans October 31/04 ~2.75 MB
Vasudans October 27/04 ~2.4 MB
Shivans October 31/04 ~2.0 MB